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Forge a Legacy focuses on four areas we believe will have the largest impact on the success of our students – today and beyond.


Access & Affordability

Washington College celebrates diversity of thought and experience.

By far, the largest component of our campaign drive is to support scholarships that make our college even more accessible and affordable. This campaign is your opportunity to support future students who wouldn’t have access to a private liberal arts education without your help, and to thereby enrich the Washington College tradition of direct exposure to a diversity of thought and experience. Your contributions will endow scholarship programs to lower costs for new students, and lighten the burden of debt many shoulder. 

George Washington lamented his own lack of a formal education. He knew a young nation could not succeed without an educated citizenry. This campaign will open doors to students like young George Washington – students with tremendous potential but limited means. The Forge a Legacy campaign will raise $60 million to ensure Access and Affordability for future students.


Faculty Excellence

When students graduate from Washington College, they leave with far more than a diploma.

With a student-faculty ratio of 12 to 1, a Washington College education is simply not possible without a faculty that actively mentors, inspires, and nurtures our students. Your gift provides research and professional development resources that allow us to attract faculty and staff who embrace technological innovation and develop creative approaches.

Part of our goal in bringing the best to Washington College is to recruit a diverse and inclusionary faculty that more accurately reflects our student body. Your generous gift ensures that all students are inspired, supported, and taught by respected thought leaders, pioneers, and advocates in their fields, continuing the Washington College tradition of educating the whole individual. The Forge a Legacy campaign will raise $25 million to ensure our commitment to Faculty Excellence continues well into the future.


Student Engagement

Washington College students are engaged students.

Washington College students don’t just study their chosen disciplines — they practice them. They are scientists, historians, authors, musicians, and entrepreneurs, each getting hands-on, practical experience across curricula. Our students are engaged with learning, engaged with the College, engaged with the community, and engaged with the world.

We support and encourage their engagement by providing opportunities to combine disciplines, because everything is connected: Art and science. History and economics. Politics and religion. This approach offers students opportunities for exploration that aren’t available anywhere else. Your donation ensures our ability to build and sustain programs and initiatives that continue the tradition of hands-on, cross-disciplinary learning that our students carry with them into rewarding lives as engaged citizens. The Forge a Legacy campaign will raise $35 million to maintain and enhance our reputation for the highest-quality student experience.


The Learning Environment

The learning environment of the future supports, facilitates, and extends the kinds of scholarship and learning that make Washington College so special.

The learning environment of the future supports, facilitates, and extends the kinds of scholarship and learning that make Washington College so special. From blueprints for a new academic building to dreams of a new waterfront campus, we stand ready to transform possibility and potential into living, breathing opportunity for our students. With the opening last fall of Barbara and George Cromwell Hall, we marked a milestone achievement in our efforts to support Washington College’s tradition of excellence. This September, thanks to the generosity of The Hodson Trust and inspired donors, we will break ground for a new boathouse. Your contribution prepares us for the demands of tomorrow while building a lasting foundation that will support the Washington College experience for centuries to come. The Forge a Legacy campaign will raise $30 million to continue the Washington College legacy of a second-to-none Learning Environment.

Connecting With You

Forge a Legacy is about more than dollars and cents, planning and execution. It's about bringing the Washington College family together to celebrate and participate in the things that matter to us.

Your gifts help ensure that Washington College is able to sustain our singular style of education in a mercurial world. But they are also an opportunity to reconnect -- with your peers, with your memories, with the place you or your loved ones once called home. The legacy we forge together is ultimately about the relationships we build, and Washington College as a whole benefits from our relationship with each and every one of you. Give today, and strengthen your connections.

There are many ways to make your gift, starting as simple as texting. For more detailed information about making a gift to support any one of our priorities, please call us at 410-778-7801.

Donors who give more than $1,500 annually become members of The 1782 Society.

The Washington Fund for scholarships is a valued part of Forge a Legacy. Our goal is to raise $1.5 million in 2017 to keep the legacy going.

Legacy Giving offers the chance to be remembered for your commitment to a better, brighter future.