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Bonnie Garr Hoffman '85

“ Memories are strange, elusive, and oft times colorful shadows. From the moment I stepped foot on the campus, the grandest adventure of my life had begun -- from making new friends, to attending thought-provoking classes, to sitting under the elm tree waiting for my name to be called so I could walk across the stage. Washington College changed the direction of my life. ”
How has Washington College contributed to the person you are? 
To this very day I refer back to my classes. As a teacher, I bring many of my lessons to my own students -- whether from my Sociology classes with professors Horne or Horsley, creative writing with Bob Day, or children's literature with Prof. Gillen. Lessons well taught are lessons we bring forth for others. Because of the positive experiences at WC, I urged each of my five children to go off and discover themselves. To explore what the world has to offer them and not be afraid. I'd like to think they became strong human beings because I learned to be strong at WC.
If you were a Washington College student today, what would you be sure to pursue or take advantage of? 
Pushing past one's comfort zone is an excellent teacher. Looking over your checklist, there are so many more offerings. For the most part, I don't look back. My past shaped me, and I love who I turned out to be. Without those moments, I'd be a different person. I like who I am, so I would not change a thing.
Activities I was involved in: 
Alpha Chi Omega
Phi Sigma Kappa
Resident Assistant