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Rachel Field '11
Environmental Science and Studies

“ During my sophomore year, a small group of us decided to start a reading group with Prof. Corey Olsen. We called ourselves the "Inklings," after the group of writers whose works we were interested in reading. Beginning with C.S. Lewis, we explored a range of science fiction and fantasy writers to understand what it means to be human or to pursue 'the good life.' ”
How has Washington College contributed to the person you are? 
At Washington College I was encouraged to develop a paradigm for critical evaluation of ideas, texts, and practices. In my work with environmental studies, and in my subsequent work as an Episcopal priest, this approach has been invaluable. The skills that I learned, combined with the small size of classes and discussion groups, has encouraged me to be a collaborative leader and group facilitator.
If you were a Washington College student today, what would you be sure to pursue or take advantage of? 
It would probably be difficult to get me to leave the waterfront. I would not want to miss the programs presented by the Center for Environment and Society or the opportunities for research that they provide.
Activities I was involved in: 
Phi Beta Kappa
Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows