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Ryan Bankert '13
Modern Languages, Business Management

“ My fondest memories are the close-knit campus community and the friendships that developed over four years. ”
How has Washington College contributed to the person you are? 
From taking on leadership positions in clubs, to joining the rowing team as a novice, to traveling abroad to Chile -- I discovered that the most exciting and rewarding moments in life often exist outside of your comfort zone. Looking back on my time at Washington College, there are many moments where I can say, "I never thought I would have done that." I felt the small class sizes and campus community encouraged growth by forcing me to not be chained to my major. Coming to college wanting to focus on business, I added a modern languages major, took two semesters of acting, and eventually added an economics minor. Relationships with the outstanding faculty helped me tie the knowledge and experiences together. This has helped me become a more well-rounded professional, as I can draw from a variety of experiences to contribute in the corporate world.
If you were a Washington College student today, what would you be sure to pursue or take advantage of? 
Get involved in multiple clubs/organizations/sports. They all have a way of adding something special to your time at Washington College through extended friend networks and experiential learning.
Activities I was involved in: 
Phi Beta Kappa
Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows
Men's Rowing