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R. Graylin Hughes '16

“ I have so many great memories at WAC. Hanging out with my brothers until late at night, working with Best Buddies, sitting in class with Professor DeProspo until 9:30 p.m. My favorite memory, though, is when I found out I got honors on my thesis. I worked so hard on it. It was great to see my hard work pay off and even better to see the reaction my friends had when they found out. ”
How has Washington College contributed to the person you are? 
Washington College truly shaped me into the person I am today. As a journalist, I have to tackle a wide variety of topics, ranging from government to education to the environment. WAC taught me how to think critically and how to express myself through my writings.
If you were a Washington College student today, what would you be sure to pursue or take advantage of? 
Take advantage of the opportunities around you. Volunteer, join Greek life, get an on campus job, take classes outside of your comfort zone. All of those things will help round you as a person, and that's what employers are looking for today.
Activities I was involved in: 
Best Buddies
Intramural Sports
Kappa Sigma