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“ The chance to learn over time what really motivates my students -- whom I often meet in their first year and see their passions emerge over four years. Seeing senior capstones come together at the spring SCE symposium and attending the annual senior luncheon are highlights of my year. ”
What satisfactions do you derive from interacting with Washington College students? 
I like to hear what motivates our students to want to solve what seem like intractable problems in international politics -- more often than not, it's an idealism tempered by an awareness of the need to develop skills for practical problem-solving.
How does the Washington College environment complement and support your teaching and/or research? 
Our environment is more than our physical location -- it's also one hosting students from dozens of countries, with my classrooms also full of students returning from study abroad and summer experiential learning, who keep up on world events through diverse media available on the internet and through our online library subscriptions. We discuss how globalized our world has become through our experiences. It's these discussions that enrich my teaching and my research.