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Richard & Jeanne Starr

“ Aside from the idyllic campus, our first impression was one of intimacy and engagement: the people at WAC really seemed to care about our daughter's experience and ours as parents. Lily was our first to go to college, and the regular communication from WAC about everything from financial aid to new opportunities was very reassuring. ”
How have you seen your child(ren) change through their experience at WC? 
I wouldn't necessarily say that Lily has changed at all, but she has become more focused, more aware of her strengths and interests. She has also had the chance to expand her educational horizons and get involved in things she might not at a larger institution.
What makes you confident your child(ren) is/are having a rewarding college experience? 
The influence and guidance of faculty at WAC have been simply tremendous. We have felt as parents that the faculty have taken a very active interest in Lily as a student and a writer, encouraging her to submit for publication, apply for fellowships, and generally extend herself as a writer. Their help advising her about everything from poetry styles to grad schools has been more than we could ever have expected. And it is precisely that kind of attention that convinced our next student to enroll as a freshman this fall!